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Sustainability and CR consulting
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We work with a wide range of businesses across sectors. Many of the core issues in sustainability and corporate responsibility (CR) are the same (e.g. management ‘buy in’; managing energy, waste, transport, procurement; measurement; communications). We also find that working with different businesses allows us to share ideas and valuable insights across sectors.

Our main focus is on strategic planning and practical implementation, i.e., embedding sustainability in day to day business practices to reduce negative impact. We specialise in managing complex, multi-stakeholder projects – bringing together the resources and expertise necessary to deliver successful programmes.

We also offer: carbon footprinting; introductory and awareness ‘buy-in’ training; a sourcing service for sustainable goods and services; sustainability reviews and feedback; practical help with 'quick wins' and longer term issues; carbon offsetting; and help with sustainability reporting for maximum commercial benefits.

We work with you to identify your priorities, develop a proposal and deliver results. For further information without obligation, please use the 'submit your enquiry' form.

SaltaSustainable is a trading name of Fair Trade First Ltd, registered in England & Wales at Companies House, Cardiff,
Company No. 5474372. Registered office & postal address: 4 Norfolk Terrace, Leeds, LS7 4QW, UK. VAT reg. no. 870 7875 80.

E: info@saltasustainable.co.uk; W: www.saltasustainable.co.uk; T: +44 (0)7886 588849.